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A day in the life of an oily Mumma

When you purchase your first essential oils, you might wonder what on earth you’ll do with them when they arrive…how will you know when to use them? But don’t worry, we all start in the same place. Your knowledge and experience will grow the more you use them, make sure you’ve joined the Facebook communities run by your leaders – ask your enroller about them if you haven’t already. I wrote this blog post to give you a little snapshot of a day in the life of an oiler.

This first part is based on a Tuesday when I go to a pretty intense exercise class first thing in the morning. I don’t always do the morning shower and skincare part…only on days when I do intense exercise.

Pre workout

Upon waking (at 4.15 in the freaking morning) – I get up and roll on my Motivate Touch roller to give me a bit of a boost and help me wake up.

During the class I usually need some Ice Blue rub on my elbow where it gets a bit sore ( I think I have tennis elbow), and sometimes my knee.

Post workout shower/skincare routine

When I get home I shower and use my doTERRA Verage cleanser, the moisturising soap bar and I wash my hair using the doTERRA shampoo & conditioner…that stuff has seriously changed my hair so much. It always feels so soft and silky. When I get out of the shower I use the Verage toner, then I add a drop of Frankincense to a pump of the Verage moisturiser (helps with skin imperfections).

I then use the Root to Tip Serum in my hair. It contains oils like Lavender and Rosemary (amongst others) that are amazing for hair health and strength.

Depending how tough the workout was sometimes I mix some of the Ice Blue blend with carrier oil and massage into my sore muscles.

Morning crazy mumma routine

Then I put a drop of Balance Grounding Blend in my hands and cup them over my face while I take a few deep inhalations then rub it on the back of my neck. This little ritual became a part of my morning routine a while ago and helps me start my day feeling a little less crazy! I also dab some ClaryCalm (the monthly blend for women) on my lower abdomen and massage it in. I’ve found my cycles are regular for the first time in my whole life since I started using this blend as well as the Lifelong Vitality Supplements.

Before I have breakfast I take my Lifelong Vitality Supplements (watch this video to learn more about these life changing supplements…no I’m not exaggerating! They really have changed my life), along with a Terrazyme (aids in digestion), a DDR Prime softgel (cellular health) and a Probiotic. I never believed in supplements before I tried these, now I see what a huge difference they can make in our overall health (so long as you’re taking a quality supplement that your body actually knows what to do with).

Once I’ve gotten the kids through the chaos of our morning routine (I use that word very loosely…our mornings are hectic and not at all organised…must work on that), I roll some On Guard down all their spines as well as mine to help keep our immune systems healthy and strong.

I roll on some Peace Reassuring Blend before I leave the house each morning. This blend has been a lifesaver for this anxious bundle of a mumma. Depending on how the kids are feeling on the day they might ask for something too. I’ve been using Peace on my 4yo daughter who suddenly decided that she didn’t want me to leave her at kindy.

Throughout the day we’ll use different oils and blends as needed…teething roller for Miss cranky pants 2yo who’s getting her molars, InTune Focus Blend for my 4yo on swimming lesson days, or DigestZen when my sweet tooth gets the better of me and I overindulge…whoops. I like to add a drop of Smart & Sassy to my water bottle to try and combat those cravings.


In the afternoons I like to diffuse something calming and cheerful to calm the after school/kindy crankiness. Balance & Citrus Bliss, or Frankincense & Peppermint, or whatever takes my fancy on the day.

Then comes the night time shower routine – we all use the Moisturing Soap bars, and I do my same routine with the Verage skincare system, but at night I use the Serum around my eyes too, or some Yarrow/Pom to help with the fine lines and dark circles…because I’m a night owl.

Before bed I pop the diffuser on in the girls bedroom. Our favourite sleepy time blend is Lavender Peace, Vetiver & Patchouli at the moment, but we do like to change it up from time to time. Sometimes I’ll pick out a handful of oils and let my 6yo daughter choose the blend for the night.

Wow, that turned out to be a bit of a novel. It might seem like a lot to remember just reading through this, but these are all simple, quick moments and just become habit.

Start with one simple change each day then slowly add in more. This doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach. We’re creating a new healthier lifestyle, and that can take time.

The key is placing your oils in places where you’ll remember to use them. I got some of these makeup organisers from Kmart to place around the house.

Easy low tox swaps for a busy mum

Some of these things I was doing anyway (washing my hair, cleaning my skin etc), but now I have beautiful low tox products…most of which I get for free with my product points from purchasing through the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Are you yet to get some doTERRA into your home, but you’re ready to get started on your journey to a more natural low tox lifestyle? Grab your starter kit today here – payment plans available.

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