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About Me

About me

My Story

Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I’m hugely passionate about natural health, and low-tox living. I’m a mum to 3 young girls and they are my reason for heading down this path, and will continue to be the driving force behind my mission to spread the doTERRA love to more and more households.

I started this journey because I wanted natural cleaning products and to help my kids sleep better and decrease the amount of stress and tantrums in our home. And what a whole new world I found!

I love helping people discover the benefits of essential oils and connect them with the resources necessary to find the solutions they need. I am a huge advocate of reducing the toxic load on our world and within our homes. Small, simple steps can make such a huge difference in our health and well-being.

I’m here to guide you along your journey. Customer service is incredibly important to me…I care about you and your family, and I want to help you change your lives as much as mine has changed.

I can’t wait to share my stories and experiences with you.