Make it easy with master blends

Even the most experienced and enthusiastic essential oil users can get lazy! But here’s the thing…essential oils can’t help you if you don’t use the damn things. Go figure!

I’ve found the key to being consistent with using them is to make it as easy as possible. Put them in places around the house where you’ll need them. For example, if you like to use vinegar and Purify as your fabric softener, then keep both those items in your laundry. Go one step better and premix some vinegar and Purify so all you need to do is pour it into your machine’s dispenser.

Another way I’ve found to be highly effective in making it easy is to make up master blends. For any of those blends that you use frequently, make up a bulk amount at the right ratio so all you need to do is tip it into your diffuser, or wherever you’re using it.

You can watch this video to see what I mean by master blends. It’s a great example of making it easy. I was never going to remember to mix those oils with some conditioner every time I washed my hair! Master blend to the rescue…now it just lives in the shower.

Here are some master blend recipe examples:

Deep sleep – 20 Lavender Peace, 10 Vetiver, 5 Cedarwood, 5 Juniper Berry – add 3-4 drops of the master blend to your diffuser every night.

Immune boosting sleep blend – 10 On Guard, 10 Frankincense, 20 Lavender, 10 Cedarwood, 10 Patchouli, 5 Ylang Ylang – add 3-4 drops of the master blend to your diffuser (this is a perfect example of how a master blend can help you use lots of oils without having to add a huge amount to your diffuser).

Hair growth – 20 Rosemary, 20 Peppermint, 10 Lavender, 10 Clary Sage, 10 Geranium – add 5 drops to a palm sized amount of doTERRA conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Aromatic dressing – 20 Whisper, 20 Balance, 10 Grapefruit – add 5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil and apply in the morning while repeating positive affirmations.

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And as always, leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any questions. I love helping out my readers x

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