Meditation can be life changing

A lot of people tend to think of meditation purely as a way to calm the mind and maybe increase concentration, but there are so many benefits to a regular meditation practice, and not just for your emotional health but also your physical health. Let’s have a look at some of those.

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate
  • Less perspiration
  • Slower respiratory rate
  • Less anxiety
  • Lower blood cortisol levels
  • More feelings of well-being
  • Less stress
  • Deeper relaxation

Stress reduction is one of the biggest reasons people set out to try meditation. But the result can be so much more than a calmer mind. The stress hormone cortisol can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system. It can also disrupt sleep, promote depression & anxiety, and contribute to fatigue and cloudy thinking. You can see why so many people battle with physical ailments and mental health issues with today’s busy lifestyles.

I make no secret of my own mental health battles with anxiety, and I’ve gotta tell you that since I started to incorporate meditation into my morning routine I have noticed massive changes in my mindset on so many levels. I’ve also always been one to fly off the handle quite quickly, and I now find myself able to react quite differently than I always have…I’m sure my poor kiddos are happy about that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not always 100% in control of my emotions (especially if I haven’t done my morning rituals), but I find it much easier to stay more calm than I ever have before.

There are different ways you can try meditation, I found guided meditation to be the easiest because someone is basically guiding your thoughts so its a little easier to stay more focused. There are literally thousands of free guided meditation of all lengths on YouTube if you do a search. I personally love listening to Natalie – Roaming Yogi.

Sometimes it can feel frustrating in the beginning if you’re struggling, but just keep trying little bits each day. Trust me, it’s so worth it! When you start to get the hang of it you can try meditating by yourself, simply focus on your breathing and the way the air moves through your body. You might only do this for a few minutes to start with then slowly increase each day.

Essential Oils & Meditation

How do I incorporate my essential oils into my meditation practise I hear you ask? I started out with applying the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy blends on each of my chakras.

Root chakra – Console

Sacral chakra – Passion

Solar Plexus – Motivate

Heart chakra – Forgive

Throat chakra – Cheer

Third Eye & Crown – Peace

I change the oils that I use each day depending on what I’m feeling or what I’m meditating on. I do usually like to pop a drop of Frankincense on the crown of my head, and some Clary Sage over my Third Eye (between the eyebrows and up slightly) to help me connect in with my intuition, and also some Balance on the soles of my feet to help me feel grounded.

Some other essential oils I personally like to use for different purposes are Rose &/or Spikenard for gratitude, Elevation for joy & happiness…I really just love to go to my oil box each morning and choose my oils intuitively, meaning not really overthinking it, just grabbing whatever I feel I need in that moment.

I also recently discovered that aromatically dressing before a meditation really amplifies my experience. There’s just something about lovingly covering your body in beautiful high vibrational essential oils that really helps me. If you’ve never heard of aromatic dressing before, it’s basically mixing your essential oils of choice with a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil) and lovingly applying them all over your body. To get the most out of it, it’s great to say positive things to your body as you do it, and even do it in the mirror. I don’t always do this though, I tend to just really apply them with intention, I focus on the gratitude I have for my body as I apply them. Then I move into my meditation practice of the day.

I’d love to hear about your own experiences with meditation if you’re new to it. Don’t be afraid to give it a go, I was very skeptical and thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but it’s slowly changing my life for the better.

Leave me a comment below if you’d like to share or if you have any questions about my experiences.

Update: I’m so passionate about this topic and making it easy that I’ve created an online resouce “Meditation for Beginners”. It’s ridiculously cheap and you can grab it here.

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