Morning routines!

OK I’m far from being an “organised mum”, but I’m slowly working on it! I recently did up a routine chart for my girls to follow each morning…with a bribe at the end of the week if I don’t have to nag!

My girls are 6, 4.5 & 2.5, and whilst the youngest is obviously not old enough to understand, my 6yo is doing a super job at helping her sisters. I know the novelty will wear off eventually but I’m hoping if we can keep it as fun as possible then it will last a while! I haven’t quite decided what the treat will be at the end but I’m thinking a box of goodies for them to pick from, like little trinket toys (shopkins, hatchimals etc) or even pencils and all that jazz that they seem to love.

I incorporated our morning oils into it too so that we don’t forget to put them on, and we get to start the day with our lovely calming oils, as well as the ones that keep us healthy! My girls are loving choosing which blend they’re going to put on each morning. I just put theirs at the front of the stand so that my 6yo can grab them out.

Our favourite calming oils for the kids in the mornings are Balance, Steady, Brave, Thinker. The kids collection is perfect for them to grab….6 blends specifically formulated with kids in mind. But adults can use them too don’t you worry, I bloody love them! If you buy all 6 in a kit it comes with a cute little carry case and flash cards so the older ones can read what each blend is for. It’s so cool! Currently available from the US warehouse (as at 11 July 2019), but coming to the Aus warehouse at some point soon hopefully!

Let’s hope this makes school mornings a little less chaotic around here. Life just shouldn’t be that stressful lol!

If you’d like a free copy of the charts just click here. There’s one for just one child, and another for up to 3 children…just add their initial at the top of each column! My girls are just ticking off each task, but you could make it super fun by using little stickers too. Enjoy!

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