Natural Head Lice Treatment

My eldest daughter (who is now 6 years old) started kindy in 2017 then school in 2018, and in that whole time we were able to avoid the dreaded head lice…until recently when we were hit with our first ever case…x 2! Is there anything more startling than that moment you see those little buggers crawling around?! Your head instantly starts itching and you feel a little panicked at the thought of the treatment process. I was determined though that we were NOT going to need to resort to covering the girls heads with chemicals.

I tried 2 different methods, both effective but I made one mistake the first time which I’ll explain later…

First go: I grabbed some coconut oil (we live in Far North Queensland so it’s pretty much always a liquid, but if yours is solid then melt some), and I added some doTERRA Tea Tree essential oil. The aim of the game with these little buggers is to drown the f*&k out of them, so you really want to completely saturate the hair with your mixture. Then wrap some glad wrap around the head and leave it for about an hour. It’s a bit of a messy process so you might want to wrap a towel around their shoulders first.

After an hour or 2 I combed their hair A LOT with a nit comb. *Cue a whole load of whinging from my eldest*. Then we washed their hair a couple of times to get all the coconut oil out. Once you’ve completed this process you need to comb their hair each day for a couple of weeks. This part is super important because once you’ve drowned the actual live lice, you need to get rid of ALL their eggs. Otherwise you’ll be doing this all again in another week. This was my big mistake…I combed their hair for a few days and then got lazy and decided there were no more so I stopped combing.

Round two: I found lice again a week later *gasp* because I obviously missed a couple of eggs. This time I didn’t want to deal with the mess of the coconut oil so I used conditioner. You can use a cheap conditioner but we didn’t have any because we only use the doTERRA Shampoo & Conditioner…so that’s what we used. Only the best for us HAHAHA (yes I did cringe with every pump at the amount of my precious conditioner I was using). But it’s ok, because it worked.

Anyway, so I drowned their hair in conditioner then sprayed it with a mix of Tea Tree essential oil and water. Then wrapped in glad wrap and left for an hour again. Time for the nit comb again….not as much whinging this time. I guess the conditioner made it easier to comb. This time, I re-combed every day for a week then every other day for another week. Yay, no more head lice!! Treated completely naturally!

Did I mention that I scratched my head during this couple of weeks more than I have in my life?! I treated my hair twice and never found a thing in it! Paranoid much?

It’s safe to say that I pulled my finger out and replaced the spray bottle that had stopped working and made a new batch of our hair detangling spray with Tea Tree added! Here’s the recipe I use if you want to make your own:

In a 50ml spray bottle add a squirt of doTERRA conditioner, 8 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Rosemary and 5 drops of Lavender, Clary Sage or Geranium (or some of each). Then top with water, give a good shake each time you use it and you’re good to go. 

A bonus to this spray is that all my daughters hair started to grow faster when I started using this spray daily.

If you’re reading this I’m guessing you might be about to fight the battle with these creepy crawlies…good luck mumma! Happy scratching!

If you’d love some doTERRA goodness in your life just go here to check out my starter kits and be a part of my gorgeous oily tribe.

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